Pattersons Environmental Friendly Cleaning Mini Catalogue


Made from recycled paper! Ultra-absorbent strong tissue, perfect for all environments!

The Jangro range of centrefeed wiper rolls and dispenser systems is perfect for cleaning up liquids and general wiping tasks for cleaner and more hygienic premises.

Which Centrefeed is right for me.. Do I need 1, 2 or 3ply? The ply relates to how many layers of paper there is in one sheet. The higher the ply, the higher the absorbency. 2 ply is our most popular for general cleaning and mopping up spillages! What’s the difference between blue/white centrefeed? A blue dye is added to blue centrefeed (or blue roll) to make it suitable for catering establishments. If you’re not working in a commercial kitchen you can choose either blue or white! What’s a more eco-friendly centrefeed? Our new Kraft Centrefeed is completely eco-friendly! Or you can try our Coreless Centrefeed to reduce your waste! Should I get a dispenser for my centrefeed? Dispensers are much more economical and cost-efficient and they help you monitor and reduce the amount of sheets you use, so we always recommend ones although it is personal preference.



IK499650: 346(h)x225(w) x235mm(d)






A Jangro White Mini Centrefeed Rolls 2ply 60m x12 IK001502 £14.57 B Jangro White Centrefeed Dispenser x1 IK499650 £12.61 C Jangro White Centrefeed Rolls 1ply 300m x6 CP-00051 £14.30 D Jangro White Centrefeed Rolls 2ply 150m x6 IK408471 £13.44 E Jangro Blue Centrefeed Rolls 1ply 300m x6 IK402451 £14.41 F Jangro Blue Centrefeed Rolls 2ply 150m x6 CP-02411 £11.98 G Jangro Coreless Centrefeed Rolls 2ply 120m x6 CP-02413 £9.81 H Jangro Embossed Centrefeed Rolls 2ply 150m x6 AF116 £52.33

Coreless = No Waste

Kraft Eco Unbleached Centrefeed Rolls Switch up your everyday front of house centrefeed roll to this unbleached 2ply 150mm version! Get the same results without costing the earth! Packs of 6.


CHSA Approved Eco Label FSC

CP-02412 £11.00

This unbleached catering roll is not only eco labelled but it's also CHSA approved and food safe certified!

Get the same results without costing the earth!

Order online at or by phone 0845 207 1955


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